Don Muang Airport, Thailand

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Bangkok’s main airport for international arrivals is now .. Suvarnabhumi International Airport

If you have arrived in Thailand without hotel reservations there is another chore to handle.

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Don Muang airport is fairly easy to navigate.

Domestic Terminal Most flight seem to arrive at Bangkok late at night. But if you are on an earlier arrival and don’t wish to stay overnight in Bangkok, the Domestic Terminal is connected by a long covered walkway. Also, free shuttle buses at the curb outside the terminal can take you there.

mark said, ‘it was a surprise to us that after check in for the flight back to Germany we had to pay 500 THB per person fee for Dong Muang airport in order to be able to advance to ID-Checking. You might think about giving your reader an advice to keep enough cash to pay this fee before leaving the country. Unfortunately, VAT is paid back after ID-Check.’

Hotel If you need a hotel, a kiosk in the lobby of the airport can help you out … but not at the best rate. Take a hotel in the area you want to stay and use the following day to find a cyber cafe, book online and move. Caution Don’t use the kiosk to check on existing hotel reservations. They will probably tell you that hotel is full, and try to book you at another.

Getting to Downtown BangkokThe last obstacle between your weary body and a relaxing drink, meal and sleep is the trip to the hotel. Most hotels don’t have courtesy vehicles, so public transport is the only choice. But it is a relatively easy.

Train For the seriously budget minded and intrepid traveler, there is a train station across the expressway opposite Don Muang. A pedestrian walkway takes one to the Amari Airport hotel, then exiting the lobby, the train stop is nearby. Just make sure you board a train headed in the correct direction.

Taxi Most will opt for taxis and Don Muang has a pretty good system. Ignore the touts who will approach you at the terminal exit. Find the taxi-meter service kiosk and ask for a taxi. The attendant will write the taxi number on a 3 part form, point out your taxi and give one part of the form to you and one to the taxi driver. The fee is an airport chare of Bt 50 that the driver will add to the meter charge. Don’t let the driver have your copy … it is a reference in case of any problem with the taxi.

It is usually a good idea to let the driver take the toll way. This adds Bt 30 – 70 to the fare but avoids much of Bangkok’s traffic. The trip to upper Sukhumvit or Silom should be approximately Bt 250 – 300.

Caution: Some drivers will try to convince you to stay at hotel they know about and can get you a really great deal. Don’t allow that to happen. They are working on commission. If the drive offers to take you to any place other than your original destination, just say no.

Limo The limousine desk in the arrival hall will get you to most parts of Bangkok in a Volvo or Benz for Bt 500 – 700

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